Adsense Calculator

Check how much you can earn using Webmaster Toys Adsense calculator

Know your potential earnings by using our Adsense Calculator. Enter a few simulated values and have a look the overall targeted results.

To begin with, enter your "Daily Page Impressions". This is basically the number of times the ads are displayed on your page.
Next, you need to enter your CTR (Click through rate) in percentage form. This is basically the number of ad clicks per ad impressions.
Lastly, enter the CPC or Cost per click. This is the value that you will earn every time a user clicks on the ad. Though this value is determined by advertisers, you can calculate your average CPC easily by dividing your total revenue by the total number of clicks.

After entering all numbers, hit Check Details. The result will show you your daily, monthly and yearly revenue as well as clicks.


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