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Article Rewriter

How does Webmaster toys article rewriter works?

The tool scans through your entire document of content to replace words with synonyms. Each word which is being replaced with an alternate option is highlighted in a different color. You can easily click on these words to find the original word, get suggestions or maybe add your own words.

How will this tool help you?

There are times when you just can't come up with appropriate words to frame the sentence. In simple words, this tool will help you find your "perfect word".

We have added over XX synonyms in order to make sure this article rewriter delivers the best end value by replacing the original content with better words and phrases.

You can also use it as an article spinner - create a whole new version of your article which could pass plagiarism tests.
However it is a two edged sword - use it carefully else it can backfire.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. To begin with, use a quality article with a unique or specific viewpoint. Remember, the tool will always produce an alternative version of article, it does not promise on engaging content. So, if you use a low quality article, the version with replaced words is not going to be any better.
  2. Once you have the rewritten article, read through it thoroughly. Sometimes the replaced words might not fit the context. In such cases, click on "Rewrite Again" for another draft. If you still don't find the alternative words appropriate, type in new words to see additional suggestions.
  3. Once you have the suggested rewritten article, we would recommend you to run it through Plagiarism test in order to make sure it’s unique content.


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