Backlink Checker

Uncover your website's backlinks by just entering your domain name

Backlink Checker

How does Webmaster toys Backlink Check tool work?

Backlink Checker tool runs through website or the link you have entered to list the total number of backlinks pointing to your site. Along with this, it also collects important information like anchor texts, source of links, toxic links and so on.

How can this tool help you?

This tool is designed to deliver all the information that you need to know about the backlinks on your website. You can see the exact number of links. the sources of these links, the anchor text used on these links (if any), if a link is no-follow.

How often shall you do it?

I recommend running your website through this tool atleast once a month. This will help you identify link building areas which are proving effective in terms of bringing traffic to your site.


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