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Possible Plagiarism Detected

Plagiarism Checker

SPlagiarism checker is your knight in shining armor. It helps you in protecting your content. Before publishing your content, you can run your article through this test to make sure that it hasn't been published anywhere hence, protecting your from duplicate content penalty. At the same time, it helps your content from being copied by other writers who are planning to plagiarize.

Why should you use this tool

While you might be sure that your content is solely comprised of your thoughts and expressions, there are chances that the same idea and sentence structure has been already written by another writer.

Despite the fact that you didn't copy, you would be given the label of plagiarism if the other writer has published the content before you.

In order to be doubly sure, you should always run your content through this tool before hitting the publish button.

How does Webmaster Toys Plagiarism checker works

As soon as you paste your article in the box, the tool scans the entire web for similar phrases. The sentences which aren't original trigger red flags.

In place of each red highlighted sentences (duplicate phrases), you will find a link that goes to the original source of information from where the content is copied.
When the test has been completed, the tool will display an overall percentage of how unique/original your article is.

If your end goal remains to get ranked on SERPs, then you should not take the risk of publishing duplicate content. In worse cases, you might end up getting blacklisted from Google.

Run your article through the Plagiarism test today!


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