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About Webmaster Toys XML Sitemap Generator:

If you have a website, you might be knowing the importance of getting your pages indexed by major search engines. One of the easiest ways to ensure Google does not miss out from indexing your recently updated page is by creating an XML Sitemap.

What is an XML Sitemap?

XML Sitemap is a document which helps the search engines crawl and understand your site better. This documents includes all the URLs of your websites in an XML file format.

An XML sitemap is extremely important from an SEO perspective. A sitemap lets search engine know about all the current and recently added pages to your website, hence helping with better indexing.

These sitemaps include important information for each URLs including the date when he page was last update, importance of page, details about the importance of the page and so on.

The XML format is usually preferred by webmasters and search engines due to the ease it offers in accessing and processing the information on applications, computers and systems.

What does an XML Sitemap Generator do?

The XML Sitemap generator tool will help you create understandable and simplified Sitemaps in a matter of few minutes. This way you can be sure that search engines index your recently posted blog pages or your site as a whole.

The tool supports every kind of wordpress pages and customized URLs.

Generate your XML Sitemap and make sure your pages are indexed properly. This is also help you get better search engine rankings and hence, more traffic.


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