Whois Lookup

If you have an online business, it is very important that you are aware of all the basic information about your own website.

What is Who is Checker?

This tool is a domain research tool which shows the registered owner of a particular domain. You can run your own website to determine the results. Also, you can run your competitor's website or other similar domains to know about their registered owners.

About Webmaster Toys Whois Checker

This tool is mostly used by people who are interested in buying an existing domain. Since the option of buying domains from domain companies is no longer available, you can use this tool to know the registered owner of a particular domain and then contact them and negotiate them to sell their domain.

Also, most webmasters prefer buying older domains than the newer ones as they drive better traffic and search engine rankings. These information can be easily and accurately derived using this tool.

Whois Checker shows the IP address, registered owner of the domain and his contact details.


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