Word Counter

About Webmaster Toys Word Count Checker tool

From web page content to twitter posts to blogs, word count is always an important element of all your content.

It's practically impossible to count each word of a document.
Webmaster Toys Word Count Checker will do this task for you in a matter of few seconds at free of cost.

When it comes to writing content, there is no magical word count that can get you ranked on Google SERPs. If you can convey the same message in 200 words, then there is o point beating around the bush in 1000 words. You just have to focus on the quality of content.

Understanding the tool

In order to get the word count, simply copy paste your content in the box or upload a file.
Apart from showing the word count, the tool also displays the total number of sentences, characters and paragraphs in the article.

The tool can be used for any type of content - blogs, articles, essays, twitter posts and so on. It is undoubtedly a very powerful SEO tool.


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